Can we pick a WorkflowMax job template to use for any jobs created from HubSpot deals?

Yes. To do so, first create a deal property in HubSpot for the job template ID. The internal name of the new property must be wfm_job_template_id. You may create it as a number field or drop-down list (if using a drop-down list, the internal values must be the numeric IDs of the job templates to use). The To find the numeric IDs of your job template (the values for the number field, or internal values of the drop-down list items), follow these steps in WorkflowMax:

  1. Open the Business menu at the top, then select Settings.
  2. Click Job Settings under Organisation.
  3. Click the Job Template tab.
  4. Click on a job template. Its numeric ID will appear in that page’s URL.

                                                              Figure 1. The ID of this job template is 354331.