Can we sync quotes from WorkflowMax to HubSpot?

The integration is able to sync quotes/estimates from WorkflowMax/XPM to HubSpot as deals. To turn on this sync, visit the integration settings page at, locate the Sync Settings tab, and check the option labeled "Sync WorkflowMax/XPM quotes to HubSpot deals." You will be asked how far back you wish to sync your quotes, and what deal stage the quotes should be assigned to in HubSpot.

Because the integration needs to have a HubSpot company record to assign the deal to, the WorkflowMax to HubSpot client/contact sync must also be enabled to use this feature. The option will be grayed out if that sync is not enabled.

The field mappings for WorkflowMax/XPM quotes/estimates to HubSpot deals are listed below.

WorkflowMax/XPM Quote Field
HubSpot Deal Property
NameDeal Name
DescriptionDeal Description
ClientAssociated Company
ContactAssociated Contact
Quote ID (e.g., "Q000001")
WorkflowMax/XPM Quote ID
N/A - choose a deal stage in the settings toolDeal Stage
N/A - pipeline will be based on the selected deal stagePipeline