Can we sync leads from WorkflowMax to HubSpot?

The integration is able to send leads from WorkflowMax/XPM to HubSpot as deals. Unlike the company/client syncs, however, each lead can only be sent once. As a result, updates to existing leads in WorkflowMax/XPM will not propagate to HubSpot.

To enable lead syncing, visit the integration settings page at, find the Sync Settings tab, and enable the option labeled "Sync WorkflowMax/XPM leads to HubSpot deals." You will be asked how far back you wish to sync your leads, and for a deal stage to assign the leads to. We recommend creating a separate deal stage for deals that have been created from WorkflowMax leads. You can then use a combination of custom field mappings and deal-based workflows to set an appropriate deal stage in HubSpot based on whether the leads are won, lost, current and hot, current and cold, etc.

(Don't see your newly created deal stage in the list? Click the Lead to Deal Field Mappings tab and press the "Refresh Field Listings" button. After the page reloads, you should be able to see the new stage in the dropdown.)


Custom field mappings are supported for WorkflowMax/XPM leads to HubSpot deals. Click the "Lead to Deal Field Mappings" tab in the integration settings page to view the standard field mappings and add your own custom field mappings. It is recommended that you map the lead Category field to an appropriate property in HubSpot so that you can know whether the deal is won, lost or current.

Note that, because the integration needs a HubSpot company record to assign the deals to, the WorkflowMax/XPM to HubSpot client/contact sync must be enabled to use this feature. If the option "Sync WorkflowMax/XPM clients and contacts to HubSpot companies and contacts" is not checked, this feature will be grayed out.