A WorkflowMax contact is not syncing to HubSpot.

  1. Ensure that an e-mail address is set on the contact.
  2. Due to a limitation of WorkflowMax, this integration may not receive notifications when individual contacts have been updated in WorkflowMax. It may be necessary to re-save the client record to which the contact belongs. Doing so updates the last modified date of the client, which allows our integration to pick up its contacts and sync them to HubSpot. This video illustrates how to re-save a client record in WorkflowMAX,, allowing our integration to pick up the clients and re-sync its contacts.
  3. Inspect any custom contact field mappings. If a WorkflowMax field is mapped to a drop-down list in HubSpot, the internal values of the drop-down list items must be exactly the same as the options for the corresponding drop-down list in WorkflowMax.