I just signed up for the integration, but nothing has synced yet.

  1. Ensure that you have entered a valid WorkflowMax API key and account key.
  2. Ensure that your integration is connected to HubSpot. You can check this on the Connection tab in the settings tool.
  3. Ensure that one or more syncs are enabled in the Sync tab of the settings tool.
  4. Ensure that your HubSpot companies and contacts meet the required criteria to sync.
  5. Ensure that your WorkflowMax clients are listed as Clients and not Prospects.
  6. Ensure that your HubSpot jobs need the required criteria to sync.
  7. Sometimes, users with a large amount of clients in WorkflowMax (>1,000) require additional assistance from support for the initial sync. If you have a large amount of clients in your WorkflowMax portal, ask support to kick off the initial sync manually.