What data is synced by this integration?

The following syncs are supported by this integration. Your desired syncs must be enabled under the Sync tab of the integration settings tool (https://hubspot.workflowmax.com/my-settings). Each sync runs every five (5) minutes.

  • HubSpot companies and contacts to WorkflowMax clients and contacts
    • Note that the Lifecycle Stage must be set to Customer in a company’s properties in order to sync. Additionally, each contact must also have its lifecycle stage set to Customer to sync. In lieu of the Customer lifecycle stage, the Opportunity lifecycle stage may be used if the option “Sync HubSpot opportunities as WorkflowMAX prospects” is enabled.
    • Only contacts with an e-mail address set will sync.
    • Contacts must be associated with a company in HubSpot to sync.
  • Closed/won HubSpot deals to WorkflowMax jobs
    • The deal stage must be one of the following:
    • Closed Won
    • A deal stage where the win probability is Won.
    • The deal must be associated with a company.
    • The deal should have a name and amount.
  •  WorkflowMax clients and contacts to HubSpot companies and contacts
    • Note that prospects will not sync:  
    • Only contacts with an e-mail address set will sync.