The WorkflowMAX/HubSpot integration connects to your HubSpot portal through a process called OAuth. This works by asking HubSpot for an access token when you connect the integration to your HubSpot portal. The access token is used to authenticate requests made by the integration to HubSpot. Sometimes, these access tokens cannot be refreshed -- especially if the token was obtained prior to January 2018. When that happens, reauthorizing your connection to HubSpot remediates the problem. The steps below describe how to reauthorize your connection to HubSpot for the WorkflowMAX/HubSpot integration.

  1. Sign into the HubSpot/WorkflowMAX integration at You will be taking to the My Settings page.
  2. Select the Connection Details tab in the left menu.
  3. Verify that the HUB ID you have entered is still correct.
  4. Click the orange Disconnect from HubSpot button. Press OK when prompted.
  5. Click the button that appears, Click here to authorize HubSpot access.
  6. Sign into HubSpot and select your portal from the list that appears.

Once you are redirected back to the My Settings page, you are all set!