To stop the sync, either temporarily or permanently, take the following steps as seen in this video:

  1. Sign into the integration settings tool at
  2. Navigate to Sync Settings in the left-hand menu.
  3. Uncheck the following options:
    1. Create a job in WorkflowMAX when a deal is closed/won in HubSpot 
    2. Sync HubSpot companies and contacts to WorkflowMAX clients and contacts
    3. Sync WorkflowMAX clients and contacts to HubSpot companies and contacts
  4. Click Save Settings.

It is not necessary to disconnect your HubSpot and WorkflowMAX accounts to stop the sync, but you may wish to do so if you wish to deauthorize the integration from accessing your data. To disconnect the integration from HubSpot, click Connection Details in the left-hand menu, then click Disconnect from HubSpotTo disconnect the integration from your WorkflowMAX account, you will need to clear out the "WorkflowMAX Account Key" and "WorkflowMAX API Key" in Connection Details. Be sure that you have your WorkflowMAX API key and account key in a safe location first; otherwise, you will need to contact Xero Support to reobtain them.

If you no longer need to use the integration, be sure to cancel your subscription (if applicable) to avoid incurring charges.